Limestone is a sedimentary rock which formed from eluvium containing limestones of certain plants and animals or liquid’s precipitate. Normally, limestone contains eluvium and fossil bones of sea animals. This is natural limestone (CaCO3) and will produce lime when heated.

Limestone and lime products are also known as  high content of calcium carbonate or calcium oxide up to 95%, the rest of  magnesium carbonate or oxide does not exceed 5%.
The steelmaking industry uses products which made from lime and limestone to facilitate the steelmaking process and to remove impurities in steel.

It requires to use high quality lime (over 95% CaO) as a cleaning or fusion agent. In the form of lumps, lime rapidly produces alkali with pure silica or be fused in steelmaking to ensure quickly removal of sulfur, phosphorous and other impurities in the steel.

Using a mixture of lime and flours to produce steel with low sulfur content.

Packing : 1400kgs/Jumbo bag; 28 tons per container 20’ feet
Shipment : Will be shipped after 07-10 days from confirming LC or receiving deposit.
 Lump size  (2÷4)CM  CaO Content  ≥ 54.60 %
 Lump size  (4÷8)CM  SiO2 Content  ≤ 0.20 %
 pH  8.0 ÷ 9.0  Al2O3 Content  ≤ 0.02 %
 Moiture  ≤ 0.02%  MgO Content  ≤ 0.60%
 LOI  ≤ 43,08%  Fe2O3 Content  ≤ 0.04%
 K2O Content  ≤ 0.01%  Na2O Content  ≤ 0.16%